Caleb Belth

Hello! I'm Caleb, a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan, where I work with Danai Koutra. Some of my interests are streaming algorithms, graph summarization, information theory, and philosophy.

My research leverages ideas from information theory and linguistics to contribute methods to represent and utilize graphs that are missing data ("data mining with limited data"). Examples include evolving networks, which only contain the network's past evolution (the future is "missing"), sensor networks that do not have complete measurement coverage, and knowledge graphs that are missing facts about the world.

I try my best to be responsible with my research, and continually consider whether my work will be constructive or destructive to society.

Prior to Michigan, I received a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Purdue University, where I was fortunate to work with Jennifer Neville, Dan Goldwasser, and Daisuke Kihara.

Feel free to contact me at cbelth@umich.edu.
In case you are wondering, the name of this website ("quickshift") is a nod to my life-long love of road trips, driving, and cars in general.



So Close. [pdf]

Minds, Brains, and Maybe Programs. And also elephants. [pdf]